LAZAR - Music Education Atelier
We are always happy to meet a passioned teacher who is flexible to teach children and adults with teaching experience. 

We provide also teacher's courses to be sure that the Atelier gives great quality teaching.

If you are a person who: 
  1. Is a Bachelor or Master of Music University (Conservatory) 
  2. Be opened minded and creative with experience in teaching using different methodes.
  3. Speak french and english ( other European languages will be as great advantage).
  4. Be able to teach to a high level, ensuring that all students are also taught to read music and develope a good sight reading and aural skills.
  5. Be willing to teach students from a young age - five years individually upwards            (3 years for teacher for the groups) 
  6. Be enthusiastic and inspiring as a teacher, and encourage students to take part in concerts and competitions.
  7. Be sensitive and flexible on student's creativity.                                                                    Encourage to sing, listen to the music, to improvise and compose.  
  8. Make sure that student is having a good time while learning

nous cherchons le professeur 
pour donner des cours d’éveil musical pour les enfants entre 3 - 5 ans en petite groupe (6 enfants max) 
-  parlant français, anglais et autres langues en plus bienvenue 

Poszukujemy nauczycieli z pasja i latwoscia pracy z dziecmi 
do grup "wprowadzenie w swiat muzyki" 
dla dzieci w wieku 3 - 5 lat ( male grupy do 6 dzieci) 
- po polsku  (inne jezyki mile widziane) 
Soboty od rana
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Nous cherchons le professeur de guitare
- langue francais, italien, anglais ( autre ) 
Merci d'envoyer vos candidatures par email :